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Prop Journey 005 SD cards and Serial data

Well, I can now get data from the computer into my propeller and write that data to the SD card. No fuss, no muss it is actually a very good system in terms of how Prop deals with data coming in. As I say in the video, this will be used to store all the pre-recorded "moves" that walter's head will do. I also mention in the video about EEPROMS --right now I can write a single byte to my EEPROMS every 5ms. The speed tests on the SD card put the write speed at 2M in .8 seconds. Think my resolution is going to get better?

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Some filesystem types keep track of file versions in the filename. Perhaps you saw a listing of that file somewhere else. Some place where that versioning system was recognized and was displayed to the user. Perhaps on the propellor itself. Windows may very well have hidden that number thingey from you, simply because it does not care about informed users. I mean, because it chooses "not to confuse you". Errrh, I mean,

Oh f*ck it. Any way I spin (...) this, MS will get a snide remark from me. There's no way my sarcasm will be suppressed.