Let's Make Robots!

The black widow ! [pummer]

flashes it's LED all night long

Very interesting circuit by solarbotics !


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i have a pummer based on the same electical schematic

i placed it out of my windows 2 years ago and it's still pumming every night..

so cute :)


chk my schematics


and the little  modification in order to support ouble led and a buzzer

I love visuals and LEDs.
To paraphrase George from Seinfeld: "I would drape myself in velvet if it were socially acceptable."
I would say: "I would drape myself in LEDs if it were socially acceptable."

A lilypad, conductive thread... my dream lol

Is that meatloaf?
Jax, I love your Halloween costume. You will surely get plenty of candy with that outfit. :-)

Good to see some strictly visual projects appearing. I have a QLF6 project that will hopefully join your pummer here on LMR soon.

Flash on, brother.

I love pummers. I made on with an old DVD head as the base. The LED blinks inside the lens where the laser used to be. Trusty little fellow.