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PolyMorph Workshop 6 :- PolyMorph Extrusion Techniques

How to make hollow tubing ..... and Play a flute

How to make PolyMorph Extruded Tubes.

Non-Stream (PolyMorph Workshop 6 :- PolyMorph Extrusion Techniques)

Take a round piece of tubing (any size really, any material)

Take some warm polyMorph and make a longish square shape, then wrap it around the tubing.

Roll the PolyMorph tubing between your hands, this is an important part as it smooths the PolyMorph out and distributes any lumps or bumps, time taken here guarantees success form extruding a clean even tube.

Remove the Tubing and you are left with a thickish hollow tube.

Then hold both ends and pull in opposite directions, or hold one end and let it drop under gravity.

When it has reached the desired length and thickness, cool quickly under running water.

Here is some i made earlier.

you can easily make tubes greater than half meter this way, and longer.

Pressure Testing the tube.

They are airtight - however i have not tested the pressure rating.

"Laser Sabre"

The "Miss-fits", any size is possible.

"Musical Instrument" or "Pregnancy Stethoscope"


Question :- What would "You" use them for and "How" ?

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Informative and entertaining as always.  I starting to believe large parts of your house will become Polymorph..  I will be excitedly waiting for the make a chair, structural beam, and dentures series too ! 

PolyMorph goes a long way - Yes i does seem that i have gone through Kgs of the stuff, in reality PM stretches a long way (pun intended).

Somehow the PM grows ...... i have to calculate on using 3/4 of what i actually need - new PM tends to expand a little on first use.

Dr.Stretchy (nice title :-)    (would make gum shields for sure and replacment knee ligaments and a fetching new inovative line of body piercing  attachments, an area not yet explored....could be an interesting business )

When I was making "bones" for my polymorph hand I needed hollow tubes to get the strength I needed without too much weight. My results were not nearly as neat or as light as I had intended.

Thick Extruded PM is pretty sturdy i must say - there seems no end to how it can be used.

Your rolling method needs much pratice though .....stick to your day job.....

I have been thinking about filling one of my PM tubes with conductive (graphite) to see if  its possible to make strain guage...stay tuned.......

That is a lot like fiber optic is made.

Love it Gareth. Even the out-take ;)

I have yet to try this stuff, but can see endless posibilities. I didn't realise it came in different colours?

If you want coloured PM then you have todo it your self Colour your PolyMorph

My head hurts :(

Is there no end to the information on this site? I keep getting lost going from one link to another, and just can't stop reading it all. Must read all your tutorials, though