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What is the width of a line?

This may sound like a dumb question, I'm afraid.

I'm planning on incorporating line following ability in my little robot, and wondered if there is a standard width of line used by everyone.

Obviously, I will allow tolerances, but don't want to mount the leds and ldr's too far apart, as presumably the bot will keep wandering from side to side. Conversely, too close and it will do the same (I imagine!).

Any suggestions anyone? (I know it's a bit like "How long is a piece of string" :)  )

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What have you got on hand to make your line with? Black electrical tape on white paper is a popular choice. That sets the line thickness for you too.


Sounds good to me :)

I'm glad you mentioned sticking it to white paper. I don't suppose 'She who must be obeyed' would be too pleased at sticky residue all over the kitchen floor!

Hmmmmm! I think I'm getting in over my head, now. But thanks for your input.

I think I need to get one going with maybe a 1.5" line, and work from there. I think I understand the principle, but will need to do some R&D :)

If instead of using only a pair of sensors to detect one side or the other you could you a multitude to tell where the edge is.

Alternatively, have the bot follow the edge of a surface. Could be a line. Could be a filled polygon.