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Cool resistors

As featured on the liveshow, now in ultra high res. A 3 digit adjustable resistor. 10 kOhm potmeter. It's name and number are easy to find online: Bourns 3683s-1.

Next is another 10 kOhm potmeter. This one is a 360 degrees continuous rotation type. Also by Bourns: 3585s-1. The datasheet says "obsolete", but google still has links to companies who will give you a quote for it. I'm guessing you must be one very rich air plane owner before buying one of these from their shelves!




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A cheap and invaluable tool in any electronics lab is a decade resistance box

(not my pic)

mine looks vaguely like the one above, steampunk looks not required but always welcome of course.  They are rather cheap on ebay.