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Cyperbolic Reflector

Vendor's Description: 

The Cyberbolic Reflector improves the distance and sensitivity of acoustic sensors.

How does it work?

The Cyperbolic Reflector's unique cylindrical parabolic curve works by focusing the transmitted acoustic beam in one dimension while letting it continue to diverge in the other. The result is up to a 10 times improvement in distance & sensitivity. Compare for yourself;


  • When mounted horizontally;
    - The detector remains sensitive in the horizontal direction
    - Sensitivity to ground reflections is reduced 
  • There are no reflections directly back from the reflector so false triggers are eliminated

Material: Vacuum formed impact resistant PETG Plastic

Dimensions: Width: 3 inches, Depth: 2.125 inches, 3.25 inches (without feet)

More info on the Project Page

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I wonder if it really works?

Ed (who designed this) demoed it at the Propeller Expo in Rocklin in June - it works surprisingly well.  I'll have to do a demo video sometime, but the chart he did is accurate.