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microcontroller choice

i have  a problem: i only have on uc, an arduino, and have to build a tx unit with some cheap ebay radio modules. does anyone have any suggestions as to a small microcontroller for this unit. it only needs 2 or 3 channels.


i was thinking about a picaxe 08m. it has 3 analog inputs, so 3 channels wouldn't be a problem. i could also obtain a 3rd channel using this 555 adc circuit, or this guide, making full use of the circuit.(i was inaccurate)


Anyone have better ideas?

thank you

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First of all, i would like to apologize for not having done my research properly. I thought that the 08m had 3 inputs and only 2 could be used as analog in, and 1 was only digital in, or at least this is what i had heard and been told when i previously posed the same question. Hence, if i wanted a 3rd adc i needed some external analog to digital external converter, or at least i though so.

As far as the some knowledge i meant someone with experience, as someone who had built a 3 channel transmitter with an 08m, and far as i see, you were the closest, as you had built a small 2 channel transmitter embedded in a wii nunchuck, with an 08m(here). Unless i am really not processing things the correct way, you had also used a 08m with a cheap ebay radio module.

I did check the 555 circuit: it uses a 5 volt vin.

i can replace that with a 3 volt vin, and have it read analog values from 3 volts up. with a couple of diodes i stuck the pot between 3v6 and 5v, and took those analog readings, and it works. i have tested this circuit before posting it, i'm sorry i forgot to specify this, hope i remember to next time.

once again i am sorry for my inappropriate conduct.


In the fourth edition of RS Components magazine there is a test of an in-the-cloud ARM microprocessor compiler.

There are also other nice informations in the magazine. Check it out.


nice, but perhaps a little too powerful for a simple 2 analog signal/channel tx