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Navigate around via ultrasound,


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Update: new photos

snail_rear.jpg snail_under.jpg

Made this one while waiting for my servos from China (about 6 weeks now).

I've found the tamiya tracks aren't up to the task, so I don't think he'll last too long befor being recycled.


sorry for the picture and video quality :( 

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original,cute robot! I bet you have tried if it would be able to ride upside down. :D

nice design i like your idea of how the robot moves...

keep up  the good work...

AWESOME design!!!

what kind of servo are you using to move the head?

It looks interesting, but it would be cool to see a video ;]
Very cool Bot. I really like the way it moves and sort of hesitates as it decides which direction to turn to. Definately original design. 5 Stars for the cuteness.
great bot! nice bot good design.

Awesome! - I love to hear the sweet pitter-patter of baby tracks. Lots of character!

 Very nice, how did you mount the sensor on the front like that?

Polymorph, I bet :)

(I got mine from him ;)