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Creative and Versatile Means of Robot Gripper

BotJunkie.com posted this article of a robotic gripper constructed out of a balloon filled with coffee grounds. It is activated by sucking air in and out of the balloon. It seems to work very well.


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Wow. I've got coffee grounds and a balloon. Now I just need a vacuum pump.

I wonder how easy this is to do.

please try :P you could use a vacuumer instead of the pump :P

You may try one of those vacuum sealing appliances that suck the air out of plastic bags that have food inside.

We have one of those, but I don't think my wife would appreciate me tearing it appart to access the vacuum lines. ; j

That is so clever! Must be a pretty strong "balloon" though.

Balloons designed for helium are extra thick. Or you can take one balloon and stuff it inside another to double the thickness. There are also punching balloons, which are really thick.