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Navigate around via ultrasound,


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Update: new photos

snail_rear.jpg snail_under.jpg

Made this one while waiting for my servos from China (about 6 weeks now).

I've found the tamiya tracks aren't up to the task, so I don't think he'll last too long befor being recycled.


sorry for the picture and video quality :( 

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Frits is right, all polymorph. When I get home after work, if it's still light, I'll use a real camera to get some better pictures.

Im assuming from the sound in the video you're from Australia?

Yeah, just south of Melbourne.
Nice, I'm from brisbane. I should have my first bot completed this week i hope.
Cool. Good luck with it. We could use some of your weather here, its 24 today, and back to 16 by sunday.
how did you make those cool custom-made white plastic pieces? like the "eye" cover and the thingys that hold firm the wheel shafts?
Looks like polymorph or something similar.
oh...so it sticks well onto other surfaces? Cool! i think i need some. Very original bot btw :)

It is polymorph, and it seems to stick to other plastics really well, I did have one of the shaft mounts come off, but just drilled and tapped it so I could bolt it back on. 

If you do have to drill or machine polymorph, I found that the harder (colder) it is, the easier it is to work with.  

Once again great design! You seem to have a knack for creating expressive robotic caricatures.

Are the cogs all press-fit onto the shafts?  Are you using motors from the same company too?