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Navigate around via ultrasound,


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Update: new photos

snail_rear.jpg snail_under.jpg

Made this one while waiting for my servos from China (about 6 weeks now).

I've found the tamiya tracks aren't up to the task, so I don't think he'll last too long befor being recycled.


sorry for the picture and video quality :( 

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The cogs are press fit on to the shafts, the drive shafts are a hex type shaft, and the free turning ones are round. The gogs that go into the hex shafts arn't very strong, so I've had to use hot glue to make them stick.

Both the motor/gearbox, and all cogs and shafts are Tamiya. 

I would really like to see this guy in action. Intresting to see how the tracks work.  Why do you say the tracks arnt up to the task ?

I had to use two packs of tracks to get the length I needed (twss), but they are some kind of rubber material (don't really know what it is) and they stretch too much. So they are either too tight to turn initially, or too loose and slip off the drive cogs.


 You're getting 5 stars for creative use of materials and good looks


/ vzz-clck-"Maneuver"

Beautiful Design!!!!     :)

The video doesn´t play ...