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My UAV. Done... it flies autonomous!!! this is awesome!!!

flies autonomous on programed misions

This is my new proyect, inspired by Jad Berro´s UAV, i started to plan my own....


i began to work on the airplane, it was a broken trainer that i have got from a friend....

List of electronic equipment:


Shield with airspeed sensor.

Ardu IMU.

Xbee tx.

Xbee Rx.




Video transmiter.


Electric motor.

Lipo Batery.

Lots of cable.


i need to know how i am going to make the tail, V shape or inverted V...




It is ready for the first test fly, i hope this sunday y will post a video ot it......


Have allready installed the pushrods and controll horns, installed the receiver and programmed the radio.....


now i am going to install another servo to move the camera (tilt).......


too much things on something that will fly!!!!


" Update "

i have got the on screen display from remzibi´s,  :-)

a friend sent me the video googles YEEEEAAAAA!!!!!

tomorrow some pics testing the googles........ i can´t wait untill the video Tx system arrives!!!!!!!!!


too much things on something that will fly!!!!



my new patch antenna for video rx.


gonna be conected to my ground control station.


ardupilot testing....



all the electronics  !!!!!!!


everything there, ardupilot, gps, xbee, receiver, arduimu, shield....



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It is really cool project! I liked the way you have extented the ATV receiver's range by using a patch antenna installing on a tripod camera legs.

Hey, I was just curious on your ground station. Do you have an override of the flight control system just in case of any problems that may occur? If so, what sort of jostick/throttle and stick would you use? What do you think about using something like http://www.obutto.com/ for the ground station? You can just do all the connections and simply integrate everything into this. I would appreciate any feedback. Thank you.

Whats the final price?

arround 1000$ more or less...

I'm more curious about the altitude sensor.

it holds its altitude by using a gps......

maybe this weekend i will make a video of the autonomous flight

That is awesome, man!!! :D

Oh man, that live TV is just freakin AWESOME!

And it flies, congratuvery lations!! Also, UAV, yer!

If you can make the camera look around and wear a helmet that controls where it looks, then your life is complete and you might as well just die, because you have done it all!

Dam, I would love to try and fly that thing with the camera :D


Well I think you can try fly it, with a couple of xbee modules and a little  programming you can control it through

ustream's irc chat room and simultaneously control a pan-tilt mechanism with the camera on it but I think would be difficult to type so  fast to keep with the pace the uav flies.

To avoid a colision ,a function can be added  to handle such situations something like auto pilot.