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My UAV. Done... it flies autonomous!!! this is awesome!!!

flies autonomous on programed misions

This is my new proyect, inspired by Jad Berro´s UAV, i started to plan my own....


i began to work on the airplane, it was a broken trainer that i have got from a friend....

List of electronic equipment:


Shield with airspeed sensor.

Ardu IMU.

Xbee tx.

Xbee Rx.




Video transmiter.


Electric motor.

Lipo Batery.

Lots of cable.


i need to know how i am going to make the tail, V shape or inverted V...




It is ready for the first test fly, i hope this sunday y will post a video ot it......


Have allready installed the pushrods and controll horns, installed the receiver and programmed the radio.....


now i am going to install another servo to move the camera (tilt).......


too much things on something that will fly!!!!


" Update "

i have got the on screen display from remzibi´s,  :-)

a friend sent me the video googles YEEEEAAAAA!!!!!

tomorrow some pics testing the googles........ i can´t wait untill the video Tx system arrives!!!!!!!!!


too much things on something that will fly!!!!



my new patch antenna for video rx.


gonna be conected to my ground control station.


ardupilot testing....



all the electronics  !!!!!!!


everything there, ardupilot, gps, xbee, receiver, arduimu, shield....



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Gr8 job ! cant wait to see it fly. should have good flight characteristics ! are the wings prefabricated ?!

it was a broken trainer from a friend...... i had to repair and modify the structure at the same time....

was like this:

I repaired the wings, made new ribs, changed some wood panels, also eliminated de hidedral, had to make a deep cut in the middle to get rid of the angle between them, glued them together with the needed reinforcements, in the fuselagem y made a cut afther the wing placement and made a new firewall to mount an electric motor in pusher position, also repaired the nose of the airplane in order to leave more space to install the electronics.....

made some changes on the horizontal stab, it became a v shape tail, cool!!!!!!

today i think i will start the covering of the airplane with Monokote...

also have to look for a landing gear for it.....





That thing looks like it can fly :)

Oh I remember the days of doing Monocote....

Installing a mini dome camera....


can you mention the system you're using for video transmission?

have just got new pair of tail booms from the helicopters world!!!!!!!!




the airframe is almost ready to fly, i think this weekend will be testing and i hope to take good video and pics in the air...

Hello Adventgps,

its looking good.   I like the choice of the V-shape tail over the inverted V style.

do you follow DYIDrones.com ?   its a site for amateur Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.   they also have a podcast.

I learned about them from the RobotsPodcast on iTunes.

good luck this weekend.   I hope you have someone to help you take video.

nop, i dont have someone to help me take the video!!!!!!!!!!! if someone is interested!!!! you are all invited jejejejeje

yes sir, the idea and the hardware is from diydrones...