Let's Make Robots!

My UAV. Done... it flies autonomous!!! this is awesome!!!

flies autonomous on programed misions

This is my new proyect, inspired by Jad Berro´s UAV, i started to plan my own....


i began to work on the airplane, it was a broken trainer that i have got from a friend....

List of electronic equipment:


Shield with airspeed sensor.

Ardu IMU.

Xbee tx.

Xbee Rx.




Video transmiter.


Electric motor.

Lipo Batery.

Lots of cable.


i need to know how i am going to make the tail, V shape or inverted V...




It is ready for the first test fly, i hope this sunday y will post a video ot it......


Have allready installed the pushrods and controll horns, installed the receiver and programmed the radio.....


now i am going to install another servo to move the camera (tilt).......


too much things on something that will fly!!!!


" Update "

i have got the on screen display from remzibi´s,  :-)

a friend sent me the video googles YEEEEAAAAA!!!!!

tomorrow some pics testing the googles........ i can´t wait untill the video Tx system arrives!!!!!!!!!


too much things on something that will fly!!!!



my new patch antenna for video rx.


gonna be conected to my ground control station.


ardupilot testing....



all the electronics  !!!!!!!


everything there, ardupilot, gps, xbee, receiver, arduimu, shield....



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Don't die just yet... http://www.xheli.com/aepivifiviwh.html

Excellent job on the UAV, I'm inspired :)

The new one is awsome ! Reminds me of the RQ-11 raven ! :)

Amazing work on the body !

hello people, maybe i am going to fly tomorrow to test thE ON SCREEN DISPLAY and the autopilot....

hello people, my UAV is almost ready to take off...... i redesigned the tail for better practicity!!!!!!!!!!!



no......... no problem with the added weight and, no, there is going to be called UAV 1.1 jejejejejejejeje easy to repair my friends....


In English, we call this kind of crash a "lawn dart"...

i made yesterday a pan and tilt system (self designed) for my camera, (have i said that i found a second hand futaba 9z????) now i can control my camera from the radio.........


so......... the only thing broken (besides monokote and balsa wood) was the micro servo on the back on the camera...


this has to be my crash number 564 or the 565, lost my count...... jajajajajajajajajajajaja :-)

Are you going to make your UAV II ? Sorry for the crush

Was it a "Rise of the Machines" situation where the robot fought you?    or was it the added weight of all the new gadgets causing an unexpected stall?

either way, sorry for your loss.

Comes with the territory, I guess. You said you had been flying for 15 years, I have been flying for about the same and if I had a dollar for every time I put a plane in the ground...

Man, that sucks. I lost a Sophisticated Lady that I had put a number of months into building. I had modified it to expand the wing to 3 meters, added flaperons and spoilers and it was simply beautiful. That majestic T-tail... I had done a range check and checked my surfaces and everything was A-OK. I turned off the TX to save batteries and went for my long walk to start streching the Hi-start. I had the transmitter around my neck and the plane in my hand. I walked and walked, counting my steps (for proper tension) and had gotten to the end. I hooked the parachute ring onto the tow hook of the plane, took a breath and excecuted a perfect launch --A little steeper than 45, straight forward to 12:00. --Did I mention this was the first flight of this plane?  At any rate, the plane lifted upward with only a slight pull to the right. I calmly moved the stick to the left... nothing. A little more stick... nothing. I started banging-the-sticks... nothing. I sat there, helplessly as this slight turn to the right turned into a full U-turn, still attached to the hi-start, full speed into the ground. To add insult, after it hit the ground, the hi-start stayed attached and dragged the remains across the field. I left the field with a monokote bag full of toothpicks. Ready for the punchline? I never turned the transmitter on. The plane was on --Not the transmitter!

I hope you didn't loose too much and all the expensive stuff is ok. Damn...

Lo siento, amigo.