Let's Make Robots!

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Maybe this is a bad idea. Let's see what comes out of the woodwork...

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I feel it's true to the bone. The banks lent money to people who were never going to be able to get it back and that was a bad business decision. I suspect they did it KNOWING full well that the government would bail them out.#

Question: BOA robots (Inc.) employs 1 person. Things aren't going too well. BOA has given a lot of robot parts away on credit and people haven't yet paid for them, becuase they're all very poor robot builders. BOA should never have given them the parts in good faith. Does the government give BOA a free loan to help him through a rough patch?

Ha ha ha.

The notion that the government can lend my money to a bank so that the bank can lend it back to me at a profit is just ludicrous.

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You would think since OJ got away with murder on the ol' "if the glove don't fit you must not commit" i wonder if the defence had another punchline for the closing statements.


"if the glove don't fit you must not commit"

     its acquit..if the glove dont fit..you must acquit

When Fannie and Freddie are in too deep,

you must give them money from the US peeps.


Just switched on the TV to check out the result of The Vote on The Robbery of The Century. Only to find that the first cases of robbery have been tried already... In the monetary heartland of the USA: Las Vegas.

<smiley or frowney face here?>

It seems odd that the jury was composed entirely of white folk. I would have thought that might have made the verdict somewhat questionable.

I don't recognise the right of banks to exist. They thrive on money which isn't even real. It's a conceived trading item with only a notional value. A notional value set by the banks themselves.

Somehow they've been allowed to put themselves in this position where they're a requirement to industry and commerce. Bring back teh days of trading. I make you a robot, you make me a circuit board. The trouble is that unless all the people of the world unite against money, they won't be able to trade internationally.

It's depressing how the greed of a few is allowed to cause misery to the world. Why does the world permit this?

looks like our ideas are similar...very similar actually :) 

the point is that in my opinion we've come to a point of no return for this. "Greedy ones" have the people as slaves, and these slaves cannot do much to free themselves from it. Maybe the fall of economics, or the depletion of resources, or similar cathastrophes could some day change the current situation. I am on one hand worried this crisis might strike me, but on the other end i am kind of glad that this economic system is showing its cracks (is it a synonim for weakness? 'cause that's what i wanted to say). 

 internet is one of the few places where you can find communities that do not require the selling or buying, but the sharing of information, like LMR for example, that's why i love it. ALL LMR ARE BELONG TO US ! :)



I put the likelihood of the collapse of the US Economic and Political System to be within the next 25 years tops, leaning more towards the next 10.  While I know it will stink for a lot of people, it will also help weed out the non-providers who leech the system dry and cause our money to go to causes that we don't support.  I know that a lot more is needed to flesh my view out, but I don't feel like barraging this with my views on politics and/or economics and how society should react in full.

The synonym is correct.

My personal fear is that the rich are about to make the gap between rich and poor even bigger. It's a step back 100 years in time.

All in the spirit of friends amongst each other, i will take a bite:

I agree the "rescue operation" is a bail out that the penny-industry is more than happy to accept. And one they were anticipating (speculating) upon. And that feels all kinds of wrong. I feel abused, I suppose.

But the blame is not to be placed just in the here and now. Previous caretakers (of banks, of governments) let it get to were we are today. The administrations in the past did not prevent any such abuse. Maybe even profited from it all. Today, there seems to be no choice but to bail. Without rescue the "financial system will grind to a halt". That's what the boffins say and I will give them the benefit of the lay man's doubt.

The difference  between BOA Robots (Inc.) and BigBanks (Cah.) is apparently that society at large is not depending on the survival of the BOA robopart distribution system. (Which in itself is of course a sad commentary on the way the world works ;-)

So I am willing to go along in this expensive redistribution of tax money. As long as measures are taken that previous administrators neglected (or refused) to take. Being a lay man (at finance that is) myself, I will defer to the experts on what those measures ought to be.

pays taxes to a dutch gov. and
has his savings on a dutch bank,
last time he checked...