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Guess what it is...

Feel free to speculate on the project I'm working on. These are zoomed in and cropped photos. What are these components and what were they made from. But most importantly: WHY!??!????



update nov 1 2010:

What is the purpose of this crappy switch?

Update 2 nov 2010:

Ezekiel almost cracked this 100% ! One remaining question: why?


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looks like a cam mechanism on the left, with two electrical contacts on the right. so I would guess a switch that turns on when a shaft is in a certain position.

materials are FR4 PWB material and plywood.


I agree with UltraMagnus on the cam. I think the contacts on the right might be some sort of pressure switch. So maybe there is an analog read on that, and the position of the cam will result in different pressure and a range of analog values.

The bit on the extreme right of the bottom picture almost looks like a piece of pull chain from a light fixture.

Oh, and the dark vertical object on the right side of the trapazoid shaped toggle is a spring, to return the toggle to default position.

It's a german thermostat dating from the days of the Nazis. What it's made out of, I don't know. Clearly a little wood, a little spring steel, some lead/tin mixture perhaps. Maybe something from the Panzer parts bin. It looks to be in really good condition considering its age...

It`s a cam operated switch giving you easily repeatable experiments in contact debouncing.


to test various contact debouncing methods?

Specifically to test debouncing of a switch or encoder for your TJ legged robot?

Yup, bounce testing.

You are MacGyvering some points for a really old car.