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Several SRF05 sharing the same picaxe's trigger output pin ?

Hi guys,

First of all, since this is my first topic here, I want to thank you all for this great community. I have learned a lot and I have just finished my first robot thanks to you :) I am now thinking about the next one, and here comes the question !

I'm afraid I'll be running out of outputs on a Picaxe 28X1. I plan to use 2 or 3 ultrasonic sensors SRF05 and I was wondering if it would be possible to share the µC trigger pin between them, since I'm reading them one at a time (I mean linking the 2 or 3 input trigger pins of the SRF05s directly to the same picaxe trigger output pin).

Thx :)


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Yes you can.

And welcome :)

That's great news !

A double thank you :)

I think SRF05s could "hear" each other's echoes and get messed up if you trigger them simultaneously. This might depend on how you place them on your robot.

I agree. Make sure your SRF05s are placed so that none of them interfere with the others, since you will trigger all three at once.

Also, since you say you have completed your first robot, post that sucker! We want to see what you made. ; j

I'll check that !

And yeah, I will post my first robots very soon (I built 3 actually, but the first two ones don't use µC).

Thx again :)

Robots without microcontrollers are still robots! Feel free to post 'em.