Let's Make Robots!

Mr Lippo

Drives, proves concept of all-in-one vacuum moulding

With reference to this:


Ok, not sure if this qualifies as a robot. Yet. But I may be moulding a top for it, and add some logic or something, we will see :)

Anyhows, it's just because I wanted to see if I could mould both battery clip for a Li Po from an old phone, and holder for a pair of small motors all in one mould.

And.. I sort of managed.. Only my logic did not go far enough; I managed to get some play dough stuck inside what should have been a light weight capsule :) Oh well, it provides stabilisation or something :P

Oh - and I invented a new method; Instead of heating up 2 plates at the same time, I did one at a time. The first one, I made sure "sucked through", so the second one is not so tight, but it stabilises. And where one is weak or has cracks, the other layer supports. So this is actually a mould on a mould.

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Is the answer to everything!


That is a tight construction there......

Are the motors held to the chassis just by thin air ?  ie "no" screws or glue ...... held just by the containment pressure of the plastic.

It intrigues me how the model can be built up in stages.....

Prediction 1 :- In 9 months the Play-dough will have gone all moldy and produced a fetching skin effect around the bot .......

Prediction 2 :- The Play-dough will have fermented ....thus providing an endless Green Power source.


yes, the plastic is (firmly) holding the motors. I have since used this technique to create "slap-on-pads" for motors. You want t motor to be able to sit somewhere? Mould a piece of the shape, with the motor on it, glue on. Hard to explain, more will follow :)

That's cute, fritsl. Shame about the turd!

You said turd!

Sorry, I should have said "Blob"


The worst thing is, I remember it!!!