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Just made my first SMD soldering

Today I made my first SMD soldering. This is where I started:

FT232RL and SSOP28 adapter

And this is what I ended up with:


Looks pretty good to me. I haven't tested the chip in action yet so I can't tell if it survived the process. Following Sparkfun's SMD HowTo (http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/tutorial_info.php?tutorials_id=36) it took me about 30-45 mins from start to finish. I think I bridged every pin on the chip but solder wick really does miracles! If this thing works I have to say it wasn't that hard.



Update Nov 4, 2010:

It works like a dream, well almost. I had some issues with Picaxe 28x2 and data transfer from FT232R to 28x2 didn't work. It worked just fine to the other direction. I had problems with Picaxe 08M too but got it working after I started using pin 3 instead of pin 1 for serin command. I didn't read the manual very carefully for serxxx commands so it might just be a RTFM thing. With ATTiny2313 it works like a dream even at 250k baud.

Not much to say about it so I'll just post some pictures of finished USB Serial thingy. (Could do a new "Something else" but I'm feeling kinda lazy)

Testing with 08M, ProgEdit and Putty

Finished USB serial thingy

Finished USB serial thingy, another angle

Finished USB serial thingy, bottom side

Finished USB serial thingy doing its thing with ATTiny2313

ASCII characters 1-8 going to ATTiny and coming back at 250k baud speed.

That's about it.


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Your no longer a smd virgin.  It looks like you had a tender and enjoyable experience.  The IC looks like she faired well too.  I was thinking at one point to make a Jig with a Magnifying glass & arm for the soldering iron to translate movements.  Maybe its overkill ... well Congrats Nuumio !

Excellent! - I have just ordered a few smds, tragically, I got the numbers mixed up in the order so I'll have to reorder - but in any case, your effort looks better than I could hope for - My challenge will be to mount them on home-etched pcb...

I routinely use a smd resistors, leds and caps, but no ics yet.

Let me know if you try any smd free-forming... that's a new world of miniscule horror.

SMD free-forming sounds like a fun way to fry your ICs. Unless you have hands of a brain surgeon ;-)


Perhaps we need the brain of a hand surgeon?

I keep them handy on the mantle piece for decoration - right next to the palm trees.

Looks pretty good! Good luck with your first test.

I had some troubles with it last night but now it's working. It looks like the Picaxe 28x2 I used to test this thing doesn't work like it's supposed to. When trying to read from input pin with serin command I get nothing or just some noise every now and then. Today I tried with 08M and it works. Although serin didn't work on pin 1 but it works on pin 3.

I'll update the post later with pics of my "serial board".