Let's Make Robots!

Knowledge and humour

Ok, so I've been on this site for a couple of months now and I'm starting to get the feel of it. A community of likeminded people who share one common interest, building robots.


To be honest though, what makes me come back to read about other robots isn’t just admiration for peoples work and ingenuity, it’s not the step by step walk through to aid others in building something similar, it’s not even the dedication people have shown.


As much as I admire all of the above my favourite bit is the funny comments that get exchanged between members.


 Here’s one I copied from the shout box a while ago. It really made me laugh.



ignoblegnome: I HAD one and dismantled it out of curiosity when I got older. SO wishing I had held on to it.

rik: that's how my ZX81 died :-(

ignoblegnome: Curiosity killed the ZX81?




So anyway, this is a fantastic site, bursting with knowledge and a good sense of humour.


If anyone wants to send me links to funny comments, they’ll be gratefully received.


The Bromz.