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                 on fritsl start here i asked if i can connect a bluetooth module to the picaxe so i can control it from laptop or cellphone

this is the one I am thinking about using this module http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=158 except I dont know how to connect to it to picaxe and to make the code for it so can some one help thank you.

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It works, it is not that big of a deal to get it set up.

You will connect it to the picaxe the same way you would connect any UART serial device.

What is going to be on the other end? What software are you planning on using to write the code for the computer? What do you want to send? What do you want to do?

i am thinking about setting it to picaxe 28 by 1 but i do not know where the uart pins are and the software i want to use is the picaxe programming editor and i want to send commands to the robot using my laptop and i do not know which holes i use on the bluetooth i think it is only the Tx,Rx and positive and ground please correct me if i am wrong

Well first off, bluetooth will not work with your programming editor... at least I don't think it would. Maybe if you switch port numbers back and forth as you go between syncing the chip and using the terminal. I'll look into it and see if it can be done.

Now, in terms of serial pins, I would assume that when you went to the manual you tried to look up "uart" --I think picaxe just calls it serial. You should find it easier to find now. So do that, find serial or hser in the manual and let me know if you have any questions. Actually, just to be sure we are going down the same path here, please tell me what page number you are on in the manual so I can be sure we are looking at the same thing.

Got it? Tell me what page number you found the serin/serout or hserin/hserout commands in the manual and from there, I can tell you anything you need.

I recommend using teraterm pro (free software) or hyperterminal (comes with windows xp and can be copied to vista or 7) to test the connection.

1 Wire up the transmit pin of your bluetooth (BT) module to the recieve pin of the pic.  This will get you communication one-way to the micro.   You will probably want to short rts and cts pins.

2 connect to the bluetooth module with your computer and enter the passcode '1234' for the RN-41 BT module. view the connection settings to find what com port the serial port profile (SPP) is active on.

3 use a terminal program to connect to the COM port.

4 test by turning a light on and off when it recieves something.  I don't program pics so I can't help with setting up the UART.

Best of luck as you proceed.  If you want to save $20 you can get the same module from Mouser.com, you will need to remove two smd resistors to use with a uart which can be a tad tricky but not too hard.

thank you i just wanted some info about making my first robot i did not get the parts yet i asked this question because i saw this video on youtube and it looked interesting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51TgbvcNwCQ&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL and thought if i could do the same to picaxe so thank you  for answering my questions

I would forget about the bluetooth for a while. Just get a LED to blink and go from there.

Did you guys see the video I attached pretty cool huh.

It is a bit faster than my cell phone accelerometer and Bluetooth controlled tracked robot, which you might find interesting.  You can check it out on LMR HERE.