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Robo In Action

Turns when exposed to any light. It can turn left or right

This is my robot Robo. I built him a while back for my daughter to enter in a recent robot gathering in town. He really moves in an interesting fashion. I had that motor on my desk for years and I found a brilliant use for it!! The trick was to connect the motor so it would turn. I knew it was working for as I was shrinkwrapping a connection the lighter I was using activated a motor and Robo turned!!

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The balance was not a big problem. There are two board on either side and when light is directed at the phototransistor on a specific board the motor moves clockwise or counterclockwise. It seems that one board catches the light and really turns Robo. As the the other board swings into the light it tries to turn Robo the other way, and succeeds ever so slightly. So it brakes it enough to stop him from tipping. I have seen him move very, very fast and he topples over. Thanks so much for the interest.

Nice work there ....... Mr.Balance......

It leaves me with the thought of its fastest terminal rotational speed........ as it looks very stable considering the fast speed it is going...

Pondering thoughts............ the faster it rotates the more gyroscopic it becomes ....so the more stable it is.......

If the body would be symmetric, yes. Otherwise dynamic unbalance :)