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I love the design/concept of this bot!  VERY well put together, it looks like it runs like a charm!  I hope your still working on this project, I know it's a couple years old.   I was actually designing my own beacon chasin' bot when I came across this, I know it's old but I have faith you can help me!  Lol.  

I can't read your schematic too well so I can't tell, how do you have your input1 and input4 set?  Maybe you could upload a commented version of the obstacleavoidance code you got up if you wouldn't mind?  I see how your response to the IR signals from the beacon works, but I'm wondering what you did to get your object detection?  For the fun of it I attempted to use your code with an 18M2 to see how well it works, and it just loops Start/Goback, I can't figure out what you used for your input1?  I can't find any other people who have done this same simple concept and succeeded, and I been struggling to try to make an IR LED obstacle sensor for a while now. (I want a cheap alternative to the premade sensors/ultrasonic.)

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Wow, very well done!

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I like how you've engineered your own charging station.  I'm thinking of using this SEEEDSTUDIO WIRELESS CHARGER on a future robot.

Where did you get the battery pack?  I've used THESE for micro designs.

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That wireless charger looks really neat for only 9.50. I bought the battery pack from solarbotics a while back, you could get them for 50 cents each. They still carry some like it, but in a different configuration I think.

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Nice. I love what you can squeeze out of an 08m.

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Love the use of office supplies for the charger. The little cyclops would make a great sumobot as well!