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Encoder counters

Hey guys. I am seriously clueless on how to use quadrature counters for my encoders on my two faulhaber motors. The ones that I am considering to use are : UPD4701A or LS7366. Could you guys help me with my problem? Thanks a lot in advance.

I am actaully real puzzled on how to interface it with a dspic (dsPIC30F6015) or a pic or any mcu. Im mainly interested with the LS7366 and how to read the counter. I am also unsure on how quadrature encoders work. 

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by giving more specific info. Like a link to the items you are discussing, embedding a photo of them, stating which part you are clueless about. Etc.

Remember the four elements. Which one is bothering you: electronics (likely), mechanics (also relevant), programming (tricky) or ideas (that could be a very broad question).


Why are you thinking about using these "support chips" instead of the processor itself? --I am really confused by this one.

There are a lot of different "faulhaber motors" --which ones are you using and what kind of encoders do they use? Magnetic, mechanical or optical?

When are you going to need to check the speed/distance/direction of the motors? All the time? only when they move? This could be the difference between using a system of code that "always watches" vs an "interrupt based system" --This will also be effected by if you are using analog or digital signals here

(Depending on what kind of encoders are in the motors) you may want to wire the encoders to a couple LED's and then turn the motor by hand to get familiar with the pattern of pulses coming from the encoders --this may help you visualize what is going on here.

What have you found so far when you googled "Quad Encoder"? and what confused you with what you found?

Could we get a link to the data sheet of the motor?

What is your final goal here? Checking how far the motors have spun? How fast? Trying to "Sync" the motors? Trying to get them to stop in the same place each time?

Can we get a picture of your set-up so far? Could you draw a schematic of what you have hooked up so far? Etc. etc.


You sorta asked a open-ended question here...




I am gonna use this for the odometry of  a micromouse. Thus, it be easier to have counter chip that connects SPI to the main mcu instead of direct connection the the mcu which requires polling. I am looking at the faulhaber 1717 which im not too sure what kind of encoders they use. I pretty much need to be able to check speed, distance and direction form these encoders.

heres the datasheet for the motors  :  http://www.faulhaber.com/uploadpk/EN_1717_SR_DFF.pdf

I am not too sure of quad encoders work...

Faulhaber encoders usually give one pulse per channel per motor rotation. In quadrature mode, you will get 4 clicks per motor rotation. And they are magnetic encoders. If you build your own, you can get better resolution if needed.

Many people on this site tried with different results home made encoders. Usually they need a Schmitt Trigger circuit to eliminate the bouncing. But there are IR sensors that already have that circuit built in. Here they are: