Let's Make Robots!

Valkyrie No.4 - Closer to useful ;)

Engraving PCB's for now
p1110900.jpg3.15 MB

Hi again!

She is back up, almost useful now.

Now with video ... =>










And the result of the video:













(yes the dark stripes are palm/finger prints on the cooper)

Update 10 - Nov - 2010: Gears?! Yes sir!

Quick gear test, probably can be further optimized ...















I like polystyrene, Valkyrie loves it!



Update 13 - Dec - 2010:  Isn't that nice? But it is WROOONG!!

Well I fixed the table, fixed a driver going smoky. Still no PCB milling going on :(
The problem is still structural, while the Z-Y assembly looks almost arty, the material is simply too flexible resulting in Z axis play again .... so no cutting tough stuff.
So I guess another upgrade is needed to replace the Z-Y assembly, i.e the whole arty top part .... yes ... 


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Too bad I did not have time to cut it's counterpart ... that will have to wait for next week ... 

Don't take this the wrong way but...

I hate you so much right now :)

I think I will try to make my own mini-cnc ... 

If only I had some time... 

Do they stock time on mouser or digikey? I wonder how much it costs to ship an extra hour each day...

... I have no time to play with the thing and the next days I'll be away from home :( 

Yes time is a real big problem these days .... 

Have you done many circuit boards at this time?  
What materials will you be using for bots?  Have you cut a plastic gear yet?  In your experience what have you found Valkyrie's preferred materials & purposes?  

And finally where did you get the 3 ball/screw shafts?  How much did they cost, and have you been happy with them, I have noticed they can get pretty expensive.

Please take a video of Gareth's dental engravings when he visits.

To answer your questions:

- not one PCB until now just some tests... I need to fix the table for PCB's to be reliable

- I'm just looking into the plastic gears stuff, I intend to use 2 mm thick sheet of something called Hobbyglass (looks like acrylic, transparent and glassy)

- Those are no balls screws :) Just plain M8 screws and long nuts (ball screws are EXPENSIVE dude) 

Oh yeah forgot ... Valkyrie has no favorite material ... yet ;) 

Very nice cnc you have there, I like it alot.

Almost ready to build robots now :)

Your tolerances are certainly getting tighter - meaning more detail and controlled finer work.

So as well as engraving the board you will be able to drill the through holes at the same time .... Neato

Its cool to see the Software Gui in the background too (perspective view... to boot :-)

PS:- the noise reminds me of the Dentists drill .....however i would rather trust Valkyrie No.4 to do my dental work, than my Dentist.

... but pretty damn close I would say. 

The engraved text is about 22 x 3.2 mm in size.

The tool I used to engrave is a broken carbide end mill I have sharpened, so it is not quite precise either.

The biggest problem is the table now, it is not flat anymore, the material simply bends under it's own weight ... I need to replace that very soon.

The software is EMC2 (http://linuxcnc.org) I decided to give it a shot while bug hunting the firmware on the drivers. 

good job, looks nice......... want to see it working...