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Dear Administrators,

There is sure a lot of activity on this site, I can not wait to see what is new . I have a question I hope you will be able to help me with. A member that looked in on my robot project has shown an interest into the details of my building Robo. That is not the problem. Where on this site do I post the schematics, pictures, part lists etc.

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Thanks, now I know what to do. I greatly appreciate the very quick response!!!

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It is actually pretty simple:

A real-life robot project that you are working on and is going somewhere goes on the main page as a robot project

Stuff that is robot-related or electronics or nerdy goes in the forums

Stuff that is personal to you, or off-the-subject, or is a small project that shouldn't be on the main timeline is a blog


If you make a new robot post, you will find places to embed videos, upload pictures, add links and add files that everyone can download. --Just start a new post and you will find that everything is super-simple fill-in-the-blanks.


Thank you so much for asking! --A lot of people put "someday I going to build..." posts in the main timeline, while sometimes a AWESOME robot will sit in a blog, unseen, because it too was misplaced. Gotta keep order around here, you know!

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I think that the best place is your robot's page