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Vagabundo - my TI Launchpad wanderer

Wanders around, avoids walls via ultrasound, will clean the floor
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Hey there, this is my wanderer robot based on TI Launchpad, it builds on a tip about reading distances that come encoded in pulse width that i posted earlier.

The wheels are 2 cds with some rubber stripe hot glued to make tires.

I modified 2 micro servos for continous rotation and use those to drive the wheels.

The boddy is an old tupperware box. 

My objective is to make it a vacuum cleaning robot, so i will start experimenting with floor coverage algorithms.

Here's the idea:


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This is great. You should enter it for the 43oh contest. Is there anyway you could share the code? I put up a  blog post about it and our readers would be very interested.



De-throne the Roomba! Love to see robovacs, it warms my heart. Collected.

that's a seriously large image..

but anyhow - floor covereage algorithms! yes please!

I've been tinkinering with this idea for a while - and trying to run some simulations etc. i'd be keen to know what you come up with.

I'm not sure that I follow your "idea" as such, but I'll be keeping an eye on your developments..

Sorry about the image size. 

It's fixed now. :)