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The Robot Builder's Shield V3 Kit

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The Robot Builder’s Shield V3 for Arduino allows a robot builder to easily build a small robot that uses 2 small geared DC motors for driving, directly plug in 6 analog or digital sensors, directly plug in up to 6 servos and experiment with other devices on the prototyping area or on a mini breadboard. Version 3 brings in jumpers to select the motor control method from 2 pins to 3 pins per motor, at the cost of loosing 2 servo pins. Read more about the design here: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/22383


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I assume you only 'lose two servo pins' if you set the jumpers for 3-pin motor control. For 3-pin control, two of the digital outputs that would normally be available to control servos now need to support motor control.

In 2-pin motor control mode, do you still have use of all 6 servo outputs?

Yes, you are correct. 2 pin control is the same as with previous versions. 3 pin control needs an aditional pin for direction, there was not enough space (unless I was going to use the proto area) to add an inverter for this mode. So you need 3 pins: one for PWM the Enable and 2 digital pins to set the direction. As in the previous vresions, one of the Direction pins is hardwired, so you can't change that. There are 2 shunts for each motor and they will connect 2 pins of the H-bridge to one signal ot the other. In 2 pin control mode, the Enable pin will be connected to Vcc and the Direction pin will be connected to the PWM signal. In 3 pin control mode, the Enable pin will be connected to the PWM signal and the Direction pin will be connected to one of the digital pins from the servo connectors (D8 and D9).

Here is the diagram:

2 pin control:
   ____       ____
   |      |      |      |     |
Vcc En1 PWM Dir D8

3 pin control:

          ____      ____
   |      |      |      |     |
Vcc En1 PWM Dir D8



I just received mine and it is working flawlessly :-)

Im a beginner so I might be losing something, but so far it does everything it promisses in an easy and well-documented way (thanks to the pdf assembly guide and code examples)

Whats more, ro-bot-x was so kind to send me an assembled shield (to Spain!) as my soldering skills are still poor and he answered all my questions quickly and nicely.

Now I will finish my SHR and will evolve from there... with maybe even more shields. I foresee that for a second robot I might be using some of the other ro-bot-x arduino-based boards, like the u-botino or the robot builders