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The µBotino Controller V3 Kit

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The µBotino controller allows a robot builder to easily build a small robot that uses 2 small geared DC motors for driving, directly plug in 6 analog sensors, 5 digital sensors, 5 servos. It has an on board LDO voltage regulator, power switch, reset button, power LED, Arduino pin D13 LED, 16 MHz crystal, ISP programmer connector and FTDI cable connector. The ATmega328P microcontroller has the Arduino bootloader and the Blink sketch uploaded. The board features 3 jumpers, one to select power for the servo pins (in case you want to use sensors and no servos), one to disable the D13 LED (in case you need to connect a servo to that pin) and another jumper to disable power to the motors (so they don’t move when programming). Version 3 brings a few improvements, a better power switch and an extra unpolarized 2 pin connector to power the servos from a separate battery than the motors (in case your motors need more than 6V). The 5cm x 5cm size of the board and Arduino software compatibility makes this board a perfect candidate for small robots. Read more about the design here: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/22414


You can buy the V3 kit from here:



New assembly guide here:


Video of assembly here:



You can also buy assembled boards here (V2 at the moment):


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I have discovered a trace error on the board that prevents any programming (reset line crosses servo voltage power line). I can cut the traces and solder a wire to jump the power over the reset line, but I can't sell them like that.

I have ordered new boards and they will arrive in about 2 weeks (end of June 2011). Sorry for any inconvenience.

Looks nice. I like the new layout and the additional flexibility features.