Let's Make Robots!

Perpet by david HASLE

That is the most useless but the most incredible of my robots. It is constructed simply with a booster and a PICAXE 08M is all.

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You are on Make:Online. Congratulation.

thank you for the info.

Another one of these went by a LONG time ago. Almost the exact same construction too! I love these things. The other guy had added a pot as well so he could swing the thing back and forth manually. I will see if I can find the post, it will be fun to see how great minds think alike!

I'm glad it made the Make blog, I was proud of it and would like as many people as possible to see the idea.

My pages about it:




bibi49 sent me a link to the video a few days ago and with his/her permission I'll add a link and photo from my site

no problem to put this link on your site, friendships and good day