Let's Make Robots!

Isn't Slow Motion / high speed filming the coolest?

UPDATE: Slomo fun here: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/23794

Hi guys,

I am playing around with the thought of making a little robot to put on the table after you had breakfast or something, it is supposed to work on the table while you take off the dishes.

Purpose is to scrape together all breadcrumbs, and place them nice in a corner for you to wipe off, before cleaning the table with a moist dishcloth.

I want it to move fast, or it is not fun. Driving fast around on a kitchen table with stuff on it, while not losing breadcrumbs scraped together is a hard task, I know, and I may not succeed.

I made a very raw test platform, and programmed it roughly, just to see how it behaves.

It is absolutely all over the table, flying around.

Then I remembered that I got myself a Fujifilm HS10 that is capable of filming up to 1.000 fps - I love it! I set it to 240 fps, as there was mostly electric light present. (High speed needs a lot of light), and I did not want a slow motion movie, just to be able to see how and when it did what. The "waves" of light that you can see on the overall picture is the 50Hz light bulb. UPDATE: You cannot see them, they where eaten by youtube. But light is pulsing on my monitor.

This is a first test of uploading, apparently Youtube or something in between degrades quality drastically. It is not HD, at all here in my end, but a lot better than what you see. I will have to get into why later.

It was totally awesome to be able to study just how the thing handled. Terribly, of course, it was a first raw code. But I am able to see where a lot of things goes wrong, where a slight slide to one side is a turn that is abrupt etc.

Enjoy (it takes for ever, nerds only) - oh, bonus, threw a bottle of water in the air, filmed at 1.000 fps, that is the second part. Just for fun :)

Isn't it a cool debugging tool?

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What type of sensors are you using for edge detecting Frits?

Such a thingey! IR in and out-thing!

When I watched the water bottle in the air, I was waiting for it to be shot and explode in slow mo. Maybe you didn't have a gun to hand Frits, or maybe you did and you're a crap shot?

I've always wanted a video camera with high speed shooting.

Well, it looks like you have your edge detection done pretty well. He comes right to the edge of the table without going off.

P.S. - You should have thrown an open bottle of water in the air for the 2nd part of the video. Now that would have looked cool!