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R2D2 midi-rtttl conversion

So I've been toying around with an audio-fied arty bot idea. Barking out R2D2 sounds would be one of the cool things I'd like it to do. I know the speakjet chip can make some authentic sounding gurgles but I was aiming for using even less hardware (read: I'm a cheap ass).

I found some .wav files of various R2 sounds but had problems getting them to convert to midi successfully (I had no idea of the variety of parameters to set). I did find one already converted to midi and then I ran it through a midi-to-rtttl converter.

I attached the wav of the rtttl after running it through the PICAXE ringtone wizard.


rtttl_r2d2.wav45.06 KB

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After listening to that, I think R2 may have bought some of that dodgy electricity from Jabba the Hutt.