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Navigate around avoidance object via ultrasound sensor

Hey there,

ALB-E it's a small and autonomous Arduino robot builted on iPhone package as chassis.
I've used two Tamiya sport wheels linked on a two GM9 motors with 90° axis and one casterball.

Its head consisting of a microservo and SRF05 ultrasonic sensor to avoid obstacles:

ALB-E Head

For the next step I wont donate ALB-E an arm and two LED controlle dby a photoresistor.


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I like your choice of chassis. Very funny.

Any chance we can see a video of the little guy in action?

Many thanks!!!:)

Yes, I've two video but I dont' kwow how to post... Suggestion?

There are plenty of free video hosting sites around. Youtube is a popular one.

Yeah!!! I've upload my video on Youtube... now I'm waiting for elaboration!!!;)

Here's a tip on producing videos. When you edit your post, you will see a section that looks like this:

That's where you should insert the URL from YouTube or other video hosting service for your video.

Thanks you!!!

I've uploaded my video on Youtube yesterday morning but its still processing!!! It's normal!?

ohm.. how god did you put tamiya (hex shaft) on GM9? (half D shaft) ? :|

I've used this wheels with 3 hole to screw the Tamiya wheels:

Very cute!!