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Picaxe Laser Tag

Well hi!!!

Glad to apart of the community.

Got some questions about my system, i'm not so confident with myself.

What is the cheapest sound effect system (for gun sounds) is there?
multipelxing 16 LEDS on 8 pins........HOW THE HELL??
Can some one tell me if this code looks good (in attachments), the gun code DOESN"T HAVE THE MULTIPLEXING LEDS code in it

Thanks guys, I will make a robot next project i promise!

Laser_Tag_-_Helmet.bas2.42 KB
Laser_Tag_-_Gun.bas632 bytes

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Oops yeah forgot to mention that. The LEDS are for displaying ammo and health. Each part has it's own Picaxe, so people can pickup and drop guns if they want. I chose LEDs instead of a LCD because they were cheaper and I have had expirience with them. How crappy is 8khz, it doesn't need to be great just a "bang bang", "click click" and "chick chick" is all I need.
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Wow!!! I am always excited when somebody else wants to build a lasertag system! I am making one too and almost finished. If you want we can also talk about it on skype (user: "frsmnk").

Now to your post. Cheapest sound effect, probably it's the ISD chip, but you get a crappy audio quality (like 8Khz sampling, instead of the 44Khz that comes out of your pc). I used an arduino waveshield on mine which plays audio off an SD card at 44KHz at most. But the libraries are in c, because they are made for the arduino/atmega. Then there are those cheapo sound modules for record/playback that you can usually find at 10$ which have buttons for play and record (you can easily control them with your MCU with transistors).

About the LEDs...i don't really get why you'd need to multiplex so many LEDs, what are they for?