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In the Live Show episode #011 during the Aftershow segment, Chris seemed to be looking for a breakout board for his TSSOP chips. That's what it seemed like to me, anyway.

Regardless, I found that Schmartboards are nice to use for making a quick chip-only breakout board for SMD chips. They have those DIP coverter sockets but not for all packages unfortunately. I'm sure this is not news for most people, but if you haven't heard of these things before, they can be a labor saver. You can send for a free sample and try before you buy. It's just a small piece of their prepared PCB with a junk chip to try out.

They have a bunch of products available but IMO their site sucks to use. I've found it easiest to just google "schmartboard -insert package here-" without the quotes.

Hope it helps someone.

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Sparkfun has a great variety of breakout boards as well for good prices, plus they sell alot of other cool stuff related to robotics.