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Phidgets Tracked Bot - [pTank]

Detect unusual event and notify the operater to remote this tank to scout the surrounding via internet.

This is my tracked bot combine Lynxmotion track system with Phidgets SBC.

I like phidgets because it supports multi language and I finally familier with one of them - ActionScript3!!

However it needs to have a server setup to communicate inbetween your PC and Phidgets.

This project allow me to control device over the internet.


I have put SBC and servo controller in this control unit and have battery and motor controller in the body below.

I use RJ45 cable to connect tower and main body. Maybe its not a proper way but still wanna give it a try.

Tower and body can be easily seprate for maintainance.

Connect them with RJ45 network cable.

This is how it looks like now.

With the laser on...

Webcam in main tower...

Side view...

Back view

Rear view

The size of the tank...

This photo was taken before I put the real laser pointer back, and this is how it looks from tank itself on the internet. Excuse me for funny wallpaper in screen.

There are couple sensers and device here...

I am still new in LMR. Let me know if I should post anything else.

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laser gun !! strong weapon !! 

The robot disign is very interesting but the programing confuses me, but were did you get the trakes? Could you send me a link to the maker? Please.

Here you go~


They are best in this size as I know but a bit expensive. 

How much did you pay for it?

Damn sweet hardware, dude!

When can we control this? There is a rule on LMR that new guys with IP-enabled robots with lasers must provide live feed, so we can control the robot from the front page of LMR.

Let me know when you are ready, we take the frontpage for you, will be cool! :D

Absolutely!! This piece had been sitting there with dust for 2 month already.

Couple issues thou;

  1. if I leave it on and someone turn the laser on, the laser will burn out after few minutes.
  2. multiple connections could cause the pTank freeze all the time cuz it gets STOP singal if anyone have the panel open without doing anything, on the other hand, it could go crazy if it gets all kind of commands from everywhere.
  3. my wife probably smash it when she saw something move by itself!!

I love to share it honestly, maybe I will setup sometime so you guys can try to destory it. haha...

This 'bot's look is wicked awesome!

Nothing wrong with using CAT cable to interconnect.


I was a bit afraid it might burn with such thin wire but so far so good~~

I've never looked at "Phidgets" before.  Is it still running the Linux OS?  Do you know what flavor of Linux?  ActionScript3? What is it going to do?  What is your 3Axis sensor going to be used for?  Impressive Lasers, can you give a link to their manufacturer?  I'm guessing your a Mac guy?

Nope~ I am not a MAC guy. The laser is from laserlands.com I bought the 200mw green laser diode and combine it with PVC pipe connecter. The 3Axis sensors is for offline control the tank if I don't use web interface. Actually, I am a web designer and I am more familiar with actionscript for flash, that's why I bought Phidgets since it is only user friendly board which directly support AS3. I think it's on Linux, not too sure about that one.