Let's Make Robots!

Partybot (Powerslider)

Drives around and participates in a good party!

Today I am a little slow, but all right.

Yesterday I puked and slept all day.

Friday I was at a party with some good old friends. 3 birthdays in one. The invitation said to bring something creative to the party, and hey - I am a nerd, I cannot sing, so I made a robot.

Designed to blend in, and give the party it's own "pet":

  • At the back it had a pen and a stack of "sticky notes". And as a bonus, a holster for "home made cigarettes".
  • You could write a note, and put it on the top of it, where it had a flat plate.
  • Then it could be "programmed", by dialling a knob on the top.

These where the choices:

From bottom left and around, they did this:

  • Stop
  • Drive in a straight line and stop if there was something in front. Move forward if it disappeared.
  • Turn right if there was something in front.
  • Turn left if there was something in front.
  • Non stop mingle from spot to spot.
  • Mingle, but pause when something in front, and move on in same direction if it disappeared.

The basic idea was then that you could write a message to someone, or to "everyone at the upper floor" etc, a message with your name on, and who it was for, and then you send it into the crowd, with your best choice of program for the task and situation.

Then as a social "game", if you saw it, and could see that it was in trouble, or heading the wrong way - or if it needed to be upstairs, you could pick it up / re-program / turn in right direction etc.

Holder for paper and pen fell off, it has beer all over it, and the inside is a mess. But it still drives today, when I did the shots.

The "turtle shell" is an old "extreme sport-helmet", adapted with a grinder. The tube is an alloy thing, made to ventilation systems. The belt tracks are from DAGU, the inside is Picaxe 28 X1, the motor driver is a L298 Compact Motor Driver Kit, and the sensors are from Maxbotics. And then there is a speaker.

I started the project Tuesday evening, and the party was friday, I worked evenings only.

Boy, am I tired, here are some pictures, and check the video :)

Cheers! Why is it already Monday tomorrow?


OH yes, the insane moves: I made sure to have everything heavy at the very bottom. The tube is flexible, and when it accelerates, it can lit itself up on the rear of the belt tracks, but then the edge of the helmet touches ground, belt tracks lose grip, the thing breaks, and so it never falls, because it naturally stops motion when it is about to fall back and visa versa. It looks cool, I tell you, you feel like catching the drunk robot from falling, but it does not fall :) Unless there are like stairs, as it has no downwards sensors.

Even if it bumps into a sofa or small table, that makes it go backwards, which makes the sensors see the bottom of the sofa, which makes it back off etc, depending of the current program. Never crashed at the party, as far as I know.


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really funny...

"  ...  you feel like catching the drunk robot from falling..."  ...  , yes, a drunk robot, perhaps a cousin of the Bender the robot, in Futurama?


you could make it GROOOVE..

if you fixed a few strings inside, and randomly pulled on them, one or two at a time, with a motor, you could make it bend and boogie - like oddbot's/mazvydaz's/kelpy's robot hand (14104,22942,23113) (also not-made by Gareth; 22323) where the finger bends by tensioning a string with a servo..

or like that scary octopus hand thingy, revealed by octospider; 23240.

Stuff like this is just tops...

Needs a drink on top sloshing around. Drunkard bait ! a new fishing sport !

Not only don't I understand how you can come up with all these ideas, and so amusing ones as well, how on earth do you build them so quickly?

I love this. It makes robots look less.....um....robotic.

Thanks :)

On "how do I build so quickly":

This is not a very complicated robot at all. In fact it is about as simple as the start here project, and that can be made in 15 minutes by any one who made it one or two times before.

The only thing that took time with this, is the stupid details; Lots of wires needs to be soldered, a stupid hole cannot be drilled at the right spot on a difficult angle, etc, sitting and thinking, that kind.

But the "robot" is just a set of basic ready made boards, sensors and tracks - it is only the rest that takes time. Programming is very simple, a few lines, done in an hour or so.

If I'm building another indoors robot again, this will be it.

The way it almost tips over and gets it balance back and continues. How cool it would be to add a tilt sensor and play back some Homer Simpson quotes like some of these http://www.2spare.com/item_61333.aspx

Maybe make a small 'bug' like a beacon you could plant on someone so the bot was trying to follow the 'victim' around. 

Your in a class of your own Frits !!

Cool! I am looking forward to seeing your version :)

Yes, you are cought by the table, or something. Let me know if you are serious (because you _are_ going to build another indoor robot), and I will be more than happy to tips&tricks you, this is a very easy project!

i am sure that one could make it go even more crazy, the smart thing with the tube is that you buy it collapsed, and decide yourself how high you want to stretch it out. Mine could be at least 30 cm longer (no twss), but I cannot bare to experiment with it now, what if I messed it up, so much glue and nailng to do all over :) But tip 1: Make it a long wire to the potmeter on top!

When you say the tube is collapsed when you buy it, is it flexible to extend / collapse or is it a one shot extension? It looks like ‘ventilation tube’ or something like that.

What would be fun is having it on a ‘car antenna motor’ so it raised on power up, or even have it reacting to ambient noise so it seem to raise it’s neck to see what is going on :-)

Another indoor robot is a bit fare in the future, but I think my kids would love this and for the part of ambient noise there should be no problem…
This is definitely on the top of my list for such a project.

It is not an "one shot extension", but then again, it is not an option to have the robot extend etc. It is rather stiff alloy, think of disposable barbecue's, thick, but bendable alloy.

But I know there are other tubes out there, we have some white ones made of plastic with a metal spiral, these might do the trick, not sure :)

Keep me posted if ou go ahead, big robots are fun, and this one is easy to do ;)

So who fell over the most, you or the robot Frits?