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An other Start Here inspired robot

It wanders around, avoid obstables and dosent' fell from edges
LMR_demo_code.bas4.45 KB

Hi all,

Here is my first robot using a micro-controller ! I started with the Start Here guide and it evolves a bit. I rewrote the code, it might not be as good as the orginal, but it was the best way to understand how it works !

So, this robot simply wanders around, avoid obstacles and detects when it gets too close of an edge (and randomly, change direction). A piezo speaker and 2 Leds help this little guy to communicate with the outside world ;)

The code is attached. There's a bit of "dead code", I had planned to build a robot kinda "schizophrenic" : it would change his behaviour randomly and/or on some events (I am not sure I'll add that, I have an other robot in mind ;)

I had a little problem with cables from the SRF05: they always got detached after a few seconds when the servo's head was moving. So I made a support to keep them in place.

SRF05 support for cables from behind

SRF05 support for cables

The edges sensor (a Sharp IR sensor), its angle can easily be modified

View from behind

A micro-switch turns on/off the robot. The piezo speaker is screwed under the top plexi panel.

The 2 leds

I used 2 ball casters to stabilize the robot better

And here it is :)

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Does that include the 2 bottles of scotch? ;)

Unfortunately, it doesn't. But I would hope so ;)

nice one

Hi, I like your robot,fast and good looking too. I should try to add on a few outputs too on my robot. I will take a look at your code,thanks for sharing. :)

Thanks for the encouragement ! Outputs are very easy to add and give a little more personality to your robot :)

Yes I agree with you my friend,I like sound on robots. I will get a piezo,will it be connected directly to the output pin and ground,or it needs other components to work? Got one with 3 wires but it doesn't seem to work,since I got it many years ago.

I only have 2 wires on my piezo. It is connected to the outpin threw a 330 Ohms resistor (if you are using the same resistor array than the one from the Start Here, you already have what you need :) and to ground.

Yes I do have the array,so it will be great then. Thanks again :)

The ultrasonic and Sharp seems to work fine together,no conflics in the code and electronicaly. Thanks for your fast answer.

Nice small bot~

Thanks ! :)