Let's Make Robots!

My first bot with Pic16F84A

navigate around via read switches as sensor


My first bots and first post in this great community.

Made up of Pic16F84A and L293 dc motor driver, read switches as a sensor and the rest of the parts  are common.

Comment appreciated.

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A picture of the other side would be appreciated :) Is it using a caster ball?

Good job making your own board! looks like you also used some plexyglass or such, with custom cutting for the switches. Hand made or what?

Well done :)




I post the side soon. 

nope, i didnt use a castor ball for this.I made a stand with acrylic and attached a rubberstopper for friction.

 Yes, its hande made / self cut. I use acrylic as an holder for the switches.




Nice job. Why would you want to add friction to your stand? I try to use PTFE to reduce the friction.
Did you ever photograph the other side?
Looks great. Very compact and clean. I would love to see this thing moving. 
Video!! :D