Let's Make Robots!

My first arduino robot

Navigates around via ultrasound

The first arduino robot I made.

It's simple, he runs around and detects obstacles and walls, changing the side that he runs.

I spent around 60 hours to build this, including the alluminium head that I had to cut and modify.

It uses 4  1,5v batteries and walks with a Tamiya dual motor gearbox controlled by a L293D H-bridge and uses a turnigy 9g servo to turn his head.


After so many obstacles, I finally completed it. Hope everybody likes! :)


Right side

Right side :D

Back side

Back side :)


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It's nice to see a robot with such a nice finished look to it.  It's a very clean design.  Well done.

Lucas my friend, I love this robot !!! =DD congratulations


Hello, first congratulations !!!! very nice look !

Please can you share your code with me ? ( please no zip ) at ;  laganieremichel@sympatico.ca





Updated my avatar with a picture of the robot

amazing robot. cool made. looks pretty good.

motorizing the arms could be possible if you put 2 microservos between the batterypack and the batteries, and connect them to the arms using a piece of metal wire.


ps: this robot somehow reminds me to blind lemon..

Excellent work

well done nice robot too

what camera did you use seems different from the usual ones

I used a Sony h20. Just used a high exposition with timer to not get shaked, took the photo in HD (1280x768) and saved it in 720x468 for uploading :)

It's nice to see Brazilian guys around here!

Didn't you do well :) I think he looks great, and the video is superb.

Well done.