Let's Make Robots!

My first arduino robot

Navigates around via ultrasound

The first arduino robot I made.

It's simple, he runs around and detects obstacles and walls, changing the side that he runs.

I spent around 60 hours to build this, including the alluminium head that I had to cut and modify.

It uses 4  1,5v batteries and walks with a Tamiya dual motor gearbox controlled by a L293D H-bridge and uses a turnigy 9g servo to turn his head.


After so many obstacles, I finally completed it. Hope everybody likes! :)


Right side

Right side :D

Back side

Back side :)


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Excellent work, great video and pictures. Can you tell me more about the ultrasonic ensor. In the video you named it 'tato ultrasonic sensor'. Didn't find anything about it with Google.

Tato is the name of the sensor that I bought from a brazillian site. I liked it because it's tiny and fits perfectly on the robot's head. Here's the link: http://tato.ind.br/detalhesproduto.asp?id=39

It's so cool! Especially the smiling face! Are those black tape strips there to keep it balanced?

I didn't find any frontal wheel so I had to use these pieces of plastics to keep it balanced :)

Really cute & nice looking bot you made!



How was your experience programing Arduino from Visual Studio?

10 points for looks :D Not sure if I think it is running away or towards something with the arms, but cool it is :D

Thanks :D! I though in something with the arms, but I had no more space to do anything inside him.


I like the way it looks! Do you make these aluminum boxes? neat!

I bought two alluminium boxes like the body one, but I had to cut one to do the head :)