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hexapod - [phoenix]

Well, this is the hexapod that basically I just read the instruction and finish it. How I finish it? how it works? I don't know~ LOL! But this is where I start build my own robot and start knowing Arduino, Phidgets, Picaxe and those electronic stuff etc.

The only part that I made is the HEAD. The mouse head~ I destroy the PS2 receiver case and a jet looking mouse, then put the receiver and couple LEDs inside of the mouse and it actually looks like a HEAD.

There's a sequences named" CP Player" could do much more tricks. I still not able to figure how it works yet. It surprise me that it use Excel to do the program!! Wow! It's like doing the animation by using powerpoint instead of Flash! It's amazing. Hope I can figure that out someday.

Combine the body. This is a bit complex for a total electronic idiot.

Put the leg and adjust it a bit.

All six leg had been adjust by "LynxTerm"

This is the most difficult part for me. Code it into hardware.

The original receiver had been replaced.
I was thinking to add teeth, but... forget it~


I know this bot is not even 3% of my own work but that was the 1st time I complete a cool working robot. Just thought LMR is a good place for those robot footage all around the world so I post it up here. If this is not a proper place to post please let me know and I will remove it ASAP. Still newbie here :P


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 i m planing to do the body parts from acrylic about 3mm thickness it is rigid and cheap in the local markets.

A bout the servos, I already bought 5 metal gear 13kg.cm  and 5 plastic gear 3kg.cm from CYS china. and i need to try if they are good or not.


Yeah, hardware is not like software. Always needs to try. May I know which board you are using? Are you going to program it?

after i see the video i decided to build one of these robots. at the web site it cost about 261 usd at first look it is high but i can sacrifice this amount. after looking carefully at the website, this price is WITH OUT SERVOS!!!!!! yes with out servos.

So i decided to make the parts by myself. yes i will try to make a cheap version of this robot. i will make the parts at home and will use cheap servos from china.

I hope no one see this post. I strongly recommand you build parts yourself, if not, just buy one leg and take it to local metal stamping than you can build as many as you want. However, running after few month I don't really like the way it designed. The joint of servo horn become very loose. So I rather using the C shape bracket for the leg(like my frog). Hope you know what I mean...Bad English :P

Yes, servo is the thing that kills you. But be very careful with these Chinese servos such as Tower Pro etc. I was ordering 20 TP servos which is the same cost if I bought 8~10 Hitec servos, but as soon as I open the box the first servo is already damaged and following servos are not precisely moves as they suppose to be. For those multileg robot the servo is very important otherwise it might waste hell lots of your time.

Unless you really know how to manage those servos, otherwise I'd suggest you just buy one or two to try it out. By the way, I do have few other servos name RCA which I think its better than TP servos. If you wanna try I could give you 2 of them to try out.

looking really nice. i love the movements.

it will be more interesting if you add some extra sensors.like IR or US for ranging. also adding the IR eye will be really interactive. Good start with this Robot and good luck for improving it more and more.

I must admit I envy your investment budget. Most of us in here started small started off with a Aarduino / PICAXE or PIC with a handful of LEDs and some resistors. Scavenged old printers and other trash for workable parts and worked our way up while learning. You on the other hand is starting out with a $750 kit (god knows what that 4m blimp project costs)

My question is, are you being sponsored by some company or are you paying for all this out of your own pocket (if you don’t mind me asking?)

HAHA!! I really LOL~ Interesting question! Yes, I wish I have someone stand behind me to paid for these. No, it's totally out from my own pocket and that's why I don't have any saving in my bank. Actually the blimp really not cost that much. It just looks big.

Keep your eyes on eBay used parts. Need to be patience and spent time on these bids. I was having hard time to hunt those expensive servos. Also, because I could read Chinese and there's a similer site like eBay:http://www.taobao.com/ where you can get unbelievable cheap stuff but beaware you are in risk of getting worst parts you had ever seen in your life either. Some people here must know this site better since they are in China now.

Last thing, I don't spend that much since after this one. It's too much for me now cuz I need to save for incoming family member next year.

Love this creature my friend,nice job. Expensive but realy worthed to me. Thanks for sharing. :)

Nice, I've contemplated trying a mini quad with eight 9g sub $4 servos, lol.  I'd probably learn quite a bit, including how much I dislike cheap servos.

I really want to get into brushless motor driving, could get a tad expensive.

Exactly!! That's a big lesson I learned! I was order 20 TowerPro servos because they are way cheaper than others but I returned them right after my first test. Because all servos start giggling right after I connect it and 3 of them is not even working, the most terrible thing was they don't work precisely. Especially those multi leg robots they need vary precise servo to move their leg. So, good luck and I'd glad to see when you have it done. ;)