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Simplest - yet most effective object avoidance

Who can make the best object avoidance, using the simplest code?

In order to qualify, your robot must be able to reverse out of difficult corners, just zig-zagging on easy terrain is not enough. And code must be downloadable in a form that makes it easy to adapt to own project.

The challenge is: Make the best object avoindance with the simplest code.

As perhaps 75% of all our projects include object avoidance, it will be great to have a place with good examples for everyone to enjoy :)


Looking forward to see yours :)


Thanks to The_Black_Cat for inspiring me to make the challenge ;)

This is an open challenge, and the winner is never going to be appointed, because this is very much a matter of personal preferences, platform etc. But please do show us what you've got :)

To participate, please just post links to your (or your fellow LMR memba's) project below :)

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I know this is a bit old, but did anyone ever submit a winning entry for this?

I can do it in three lines of code and use very complex image processing algorithms at the same time. (python psuedocode)

while true:

I'd be more interested in the lines of code being executed between :



anything can be wrapped up into a 

def doit ()
... tons of code ....



nice interface though... :) 

Ill bite. Not a short code by anymeans, and its my first, but it seems to be the only one on here :p


Aaahhh - Nice one, looking good :D

Thanks for starting the party!

Not only to be simple but to be cheap you can utilize a LDR  aka light dependant resistor, just light fritsl´s project http://letsmakerobots.com/node/1823

which uses something like the Amanda LDR (Frits LDR)  http://letsmakerobots.com/node/1833

soon ill send the code.

Well, thank you for pointing at my humble stuff.. However, this is not any navigation code, as far as I remember?!

Cmon Frits...

I dont mean that, I mean you could use the same method to navigate around using LDRs

I believe its the most simple... You just need to make some changes and DONE!

Something like:

readadc 0, b1

readadc 1, b2

if b1>b2 then gosub....

you know something like that

im working on the code, you know.... I´m a newb so taking some time! :)

I might do something like this with my brothers rc car

can we modify your code for something like this

.. something like "this"? Like what?