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X-bee as a ADC "adapter" or "converter"

Fogive me, I read and re-read the data sheets but can't seem to find this. And I know this is a long shot. The ADC channes on an X-bee --they are just data-in, data-out right? I put an analog signal in one end and I get a PWM signal (equal to the input value) from the other end, correct? Is there any way to use the ADC inputs on an x-bee and get those values out via it's TX data pin? I am trying to put together a work-around for the lack of ADC's on the propeller and I thought, hey --the xbee's have ADC inputs, can I use them? I mean, I already have the x-bee on-board, why not use it? Analog signal in ==> serial data out with this value.

Open-ended question: How do the ADC's on an X-bee work?

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