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Connecting and programming an SRF005 to starter robot with 28x1?


I am wanting to connect an SRF005 to a 28x1. I am basically building a "start here" robot with all of the same parts as the solarbotics kit apart from the range sensor. Is there an example of code with some details on how to connect it to the board? I am new to PICaxe and this is my first project. I have had the servo moving on the 28x1 board and have played with led's and a push-button on an 08m so I am getting used to programming but this is the most technical thing I have tried yet so go easy on me! lol

Thanks in advance ;)


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Thank you. I will have a play with the hardware and the software tonight when I get home.

Sorry. Forgot to finish what I was writing.

I then used Frits's code from the start here robot part 2 and it all works great now.

Good luck

The Bromz.

I'm also very new to this, but managed to connect my SRF05 to my picaxe 28 following that tutorial by Frits.


I just found this page. Thanks anyway.


I'll post up a project thread once I have the robot moving. ;)