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Heat sink



So I've read in many places, I need a heat sink on my motor driver chip.

That's no problem, I'm assuming a chunk of metal will do the trick, but how do I attach it?

Is there a certain type of glue I should be using? I only ask, because I don't want the glue to melt.


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That's all good stuff fellars.

Thanks for all the tips.

... my home brew solution :)

Two drops of Superglue on the opposite corners  of the chip, one small drop of thermal paste in the middle of the chip, metal radiator on top, works pretty well, cheap and it can also be removed easily if needed.  

I'll maybe chop up an old heat sink from an PC then.

I've used this thermal stuff before when building PCs, but never really paid much notice to it.

Does it act as a glue?

Thermal adhesive is something you can use, it is not the same as thermal paste.  Arctic Silver makes some which is probably excellent quality & spendy like their paste, which is currently keeping my computer CPU at 25C thanks to a huge copper HSF.  Post back if you find a good cheap thermal adhesive that works well for you.

It becomes thicker over time, but it doesn't have any real sticking ability. You'll need something else to hold the heatsink in place.

I assume you are using a L293 and if so, you have 4 ground pins all together in the center. I have seen people loop some thin copper wire around these pins (being sure you don't touch the other pins) and then twist this wire around some sorta hand-made sheet metal heat sink on top. Yes, it is best to use some sorta thermal gunk between the chip and the sink, but anything is always better than nothing --so in a pinch, just be sure that the heat sinks sits as flat as it can on the chip and makes the most contact it can make. In terms of the heat sink itself, surface area is your friend as well as air flow, so some cuts or slots wouldn't hurt.

Down under, people hold ZinkOxide cream in stock as a UV block. Or they keep sun block in stock and don't care that it holds so much ZnO, dunno.

Anyway, a certain friend of ours is famous for using that gunk as heat conducting paste between chips and sink. Just passing the knowledge along.

Oh! That stuff.

Don't know why I didn't think of that.

Thanks again GoofyBob

...but I can get you started on one source:



So where do I get these from?

Is there a brand name maybe?