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Acroban robot

Wow! I just came across this recent work from a research lab in France. As you can see in the video, the robot moves a bit like a child -- it's pretty cute.

Their robot has structural stability due in large part to their use of *drumroll* rubber bands! I like that their components are cheap and off-the-shelf. It would be cool to try and reverse engineer it... or I guess we could just ask them for the schematics... hmm...

Of course, some people still find it creepy. One girl told me it was as scary as puppets.

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That`s awesome. Creepy awesome. It looks pretty simple to make, I think the amazing part is the software and how it really does act like a 2 year old.

That's pretty awesome. The walking ability is pretty slow, but that stability the responces it gives to stimulai, that's pretty epic.


I do belive I want one :D