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First win, first fail

So, I got around to assembling my Arduino Ardumotor board. Although very straightforward, it was quite the experience because a) I didn't realize I had to hold down the button on the soldering iron to increase the heat (i.e. "why isn't it melting?" *crickets*) and b) I was so excited to figure out the button thing that I put my first component on backwards.

Anyway, eventually I got my board assembled and hooked up to the motors as per the Ardumoto Quickstart tutorial.  (Yay it moves!)

The pink thing is a piece of pipe cleaner used for arts and craft. My plan was to try and flap this little stuffed duck's arms with it (from the inside).

Unfortunately, it's not nearly powerful enough (torque problem? pipe cleaner rigidity problem?). Increasing the speed on the motor makes the movement go from Invisible to Barely Visible. Can anyone recommend what I should look for in a motor that could do the job? Does the motor have to be huge?


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Congratulations! Nice project!

Looks like the motor is not geared, so it has a very fast speed and low torque (rotational force). You need a geared motor with a low speed (RPM) or better a servo. A servo already has a geared motor inside along with positional circuitry and driver. I think it is more suitable for such application, geared motors are better at driving.

I have a suggestion, add a speaker and have the Ardumoto board sing a song when the duck moves it's arms.

Keep it up, you'll soon be able to make that duck dance!

Thanks! I have a feeling that servos are what I need, but I have this stubborn constraint of mine that I want the actuator to be quiet (in case there is music, like you say :) and for it to be tiny (so that the cute ducky can stay cuddly). Still searching for The One...

Then you might want to take a look at this motor: http://www.goldmine-elec-products.com/prodinfo.asp?number=G17877

I see the win. Where's the fail? Do you mean hooking up the component backwards? If so I think you're going to make us all look like rookies. Let me tell you about some of my fails...

Welcome to the site, btw!

Thanks for the welcome! I guess I meant the motor not being fast enough. Just collected a page on here that says it's a typical newbie mistake. But it also taught me what geared motors are, huzzah!

Good job!  Don't worry, everyone has soldered stuff on backwards from time to time!  ;-)  You got the board to work, that's an accomplishment.

Welcome to LMR!

There are some great geared motors on this site


Just happened to walk past this shop's window totday. http://www.technobotsonline.com/robotics/animation-modules.html The documentation is poor, but the prices are low.