Let's Make Robots!

My first BEAM bot...


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Your Youtube Channel shows you're involved with a school. Is this BEAM-bot a part of their robotics activities? We'd love to see some direct interaction with local robot-groups and LMR. Feel free to post more. projects, blogs, questions, whatever.

And welcome to LMR.  Great first BEAM bot !  Your not related to emuller by chance, there's a certain family like resemblence?

Nahh. Genetically there are only so many variations of facial features. Someone out there looks just like you. Maybe a few people.

Pure genetic happenstance. That innocent look in the eyes has you starstruck.

Same thought. The avatar...and EMMA and EMUELLER...

Viva la BEAM! I love it.

I think you need a rubber nub on the end of the motor shaft, maybe some more voltage, something to spin that thing, or that cat ain't moving :)

Congrats on breaking your BEAM cherry.