Let's Make Robots!

my first moving toothbrush : D

this is my first little robot that imma give to my girlfriend, for her cats to go after.... my problem is its not moving fast enough any ideas ? any help would be greatfull

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Ahh more mobile dental tools. Lovely.

It looks like you have a single puny 1.5V alkaline button cell powering your bot. I recommend doubling up on those or just going for a lithium cell instead. I recommend the Li cell as it's better pound for pound, or gram for gram, in this case.

In my experience, a brush with bristles angled in the direction of travel makes a difference, even it's only some of them.  (Though it's also not easy to find those anymore.  Tooth brush makers seem to be onto all sorts of different fads.)

Also those cool stabilizers in the back may be dampening some of the vibration.  I did something similar for balance purposes, but I find it's best if they stay in the air.

Finally, plop in a 3v lithium cell like jack suggests.  Even without an angled-bristle brush, it may give you some nice new speed. 

Nice looking design.

here ya go! ;)


it makes the thing heavier(good thing!) and more stabile, all improving the little wonder! :)


and ohh, I made the video :D