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Challenging question

Every time I ask a question on here, I get lots of great answers. I'm sometimes overwhelmed by the collective knowledge that must be on this site. It probably adds up to thousands of years of experience.

So, I'm going to pose another question, a hard question, to see if anyone can answer it. Just as an experiment.

Ok, here goes...

If a quark is travelling 3 nanoseconds below the speed of light. What to the power of R is its mass density?

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I just realised what that's a picture of when I saw the 42 at the bottom.

I guess we're all mostly harmless.

2 answers:

a) what ezekiel said

b) since it travels under the speed of light the speed is not determined. therefore there is no definite answer as there is no definite speed.


on the other hand, JAX also makes a valid point

A nanosecond is a unit of time and the speed of light is a unit of velocity. Apples and oranges :)